Winners of the Cap40 Awards 2015 - Cap40 Business Award Gala in Kirstenbosch

On December 4th, the Cap40 rewarded 6 of the hundreds of individuals and businesses having contributed to the dynamism and innovativeness of the French-South African business landscape in Cape Town. Thank you to all of our applicants, finalists, attendants, and sponsors for this memorable evening!

Best Cap40 speaker: Thierry Cassutto.

Thierry Cassuto, CEO of ZANews, the South African web and television satirical news puppet show, showcased last February how his puppet show came alive, from its beginning in 1998 to that day to all the Cap40 members attending.

Cop21 Award: CEISA (The Circular Economy Institute of South Africa).

The Circular Economy Institute aims to build a restorative South African economy that generates well-being and prosperity for all through new forms of economic production and consumption which maintain and regenerate its environmental resources.

This institute will then do research on the potential of such an economy in South Africa, increase awareness of the concept among businesses and government entities, organize events and conferences to brainstorm on the topic for the South African market, and lastly share knowledge through the creation of a database on the thematic.

Cop21 Special Award: The French School

The Cap40 Team, the jury of the Cop21 Award and the sponsors (International Polar Foundation) decided to reward the French School for its implementation of solar panels and heat pumps to become more energy efficient but also to raise the awareness of children regarding the environmental issues. 

French Tech Innovation Award: Candy Stick, Collerette and Inclusivity Solutions.

1. CandyStick – A Safe Platform for Collecting Money

Candystick is an online platform that enables people to gather money from their friends, family or colleagues for an event, charity, gift or occasion of choice. The entire process is easy, transparent and efficient allowing all members to communicate and personalize contributions with messages. The collected funds can then be used at a number of partner stores or transferred to a specified bank account.

2. Collerette– Online Concept Store for Babies and Kids in South Africa

Collerette is an online concept store featuring furniture, décor, toys and gifts for babies and kids from around the world with an aim at fashion, design and latest trends in clothing and interior design. A baby registry, interior decorating, online magazine/blog and a sharing platform to allow users to share services as well sell or rent out their various related items.

3. Inclusivity Solutions – Creating Inclusive Digital Insurance Markets in Developing Countries

Digital insurance offers the potential to rapidly scale access to insurance to manage risks as well as enable access to services such as health, education and agriculture. Inclusivity Solutions, with its partner Cocoon, provides a mobile claims assessment platform (MAP) allowing informal claims assessors to be summoned to an insurance claim. 

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Matthieu Bourdrel (Accrobranch), Jessica Bonin (Lady Bonin’s Tea), Baptiste Boittiaux (DOZA).

1. Matthieu Bourdrel – Accrobranch Adventure Park

Mathieu was hired in February 2012 to run Acrobranch Adventure Park CC in South Africa, which he started In Johannesburg the previous year. Since then, he has been improving processes and expanding the company in South Africa. Acrobranch is an established company. It is now five years old and has been growing steadily during that period. At the moment, it is composed of five adventure parks (tree top adventures) in different locations (three in Gauteng, one in Cape Town and one in the Garden Route). Acrobranch offers activities that are adapted to adults but also to children and that is part of the reason behind the success of the company.

2. Jessica Bonin - Lady Bonin’s Tea

Lady Bonin’s Tea is a well-known, socially responsible brand that develops, blends and distributes premium quality teas. The teas are sourced direct from small-scale organic farms that use sustainable farming practices and community development. The teas are hand-blended in our processing facility using unique in-house recipes. The company started in 2010 out of a Caravan selling Take Away tea. It began distribution in 2011 and opened a tearoom in 2012.

3. Baptiste Boittiaux – Doza (Designer of South Arica)

DOZA is a company that aims at promoting South African emerging Fashion & Music talents through three distinctive yet complementary initiatives:

  • An online magazine/blog introducing and presenting these talented and LOCAL individuals/brands/artists through dedicated content (
  • An ecommerce platform where to purchase items presented in the previously mentionned online magazine (
  • A creative & experimental showroom & events space. (still to come).

Good France / Gout de France Award: The French Market, LeCoquin, La Rozell

1.The French Market

The French Market is an owner-managed niche-market retailer specialising in imported gourmet foods and alcohols from France. It is a unique hand crafted style of business with active participation from the owner on a daily basis. Each product is personally sourced by the owner and identified as an excellent representative of each particular type or style of French product. The most important products in the range are the French cheeses (more than 25 cheeses!).

            2. LeCoquin

LECoquin makes sweets mainly ice creams that do not contain any dairy, refined sugars or added chemicals. They focus on the taste and pleasure with the health benefit the nature offers from the natural ingredients. The main idea? To provide quality products to please our sweet tooth with an invitation to travel because of the combination of flavours found in the creations.   We can now treat ourselves in a healthy way!

            3. La Rozell

La Rozell makes savoury Galettes with Buckwheat flour and sweet Crepes. Their Savoury Galettes are filled with Cheese, Parma ham, egg, mushrooms, avocado, and tomatoes. They also offer Vegan and Vegetarian options, and Sweet Crepes are filled with Nutella, Homemade caramel, honey, banana, strawberries...but also they also make their own Buckwheat flour and salted caramel. Delicious!  

Trade & Investment Award: Teleperformance

Teleperformance South Africa is a leading provider of outsourced contact center and CRM solutions, and has been offering leading brands the benefits of its contact center in Cape Town for many years.

Teleperformance South Africa maximizes economies of scale, while developing world-leading quality processes and providing highly-skilled and motivated employees and a low cost location with a strong focus on client satisfaction.


!Surprise! Most Cap40 active member : Andre Dewas

The Cap40 Team decided to thank Andre Dewas for attending all the cap40 events!

Sponsor for the Awards:

For all the awards: Elle & Vire - cheese hampers

For the Best speaker of the Year: African Eagle with a helicopter tour for 4 persons

For the Cop21 Award: Powertime with an energy monitor & International Polar Foundation with surprises from Antartica

For the French Tech Innovation Award: Methys with 100,000 R in credit development

For the Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Turkish Airlines with a two way plane ticket to Istanbul & XO Africa with R5000 in strategic/marketing/financial consulting for the first prize, and Orange with a R1000 voucher

For the Good France Award: African Jacquard with a R2000 voucher for its kitchen linen collection and Marianne Wine Farm with its best wine bottles for a value of R2000

For the Trade & Investment Award: Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge with a 2 days safari and a night in a chalet for two persons

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