Cap40 Conference #1 : Thank you

On Thursday Feb 16th, we had our first conference at the Alliance Française with Luc Van der Hofstadt. We talked about energizing individuals, teams and organisations with a very strong interactivity between our speaker and the audience. Lots of interesting issues to start this new year the best way we can. 
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Company of the month : Polyglot Group 
Simon Miclet, country manager of Polyglot in South Africa arrived in Cape Town few weeks ago.
Below, the introduction of Polyglot Group  

Polyglot Group is an HR & cross-cultural solutions provider created by a French entrepreneur in 1995. Our team of 74 international & multilingual Consultants help organisations across borders with Recruitment, HR & Payroll, Language and Business solutions.
For over 20 years, our team has been supporting businesses with the execution of their internationalisation strategy. We are pleased to announce the opening of Polyglot Africa Pty. Ltd led by Simon Miclet.

Simon has lived and worked in France, Sri Lanka, Australia, India and recently settled his new home in Cape Town, South Africa.
He worked at Polyglot's HQ in Sydney and spent the last 6 years working in Paris in HR Consulting & CSR. 
From Polyglot's office located 7 Bree street, Simon strengthens Polyglot's ability to give solutions to our international clients in Africa. He will also recruit Polyglotters in South Africa to support South African businesses to expand and optimize their international operations.
Want to know more,  join our project, know about our current job openings or inquire about our solutions: email or call +27 1111 3629.
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Cap40 Conference #2 : Mazars 

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Book release 

[French book]

I did not want kids. 
I was not designed to be a mother.
I finally gave in to my husband’s urge to have a family.
And was rewarded with twin boys, cute like hell… Literally.
Motherhood is not for everyone. It is both politically and socially correct to want to become one. 
It is also expected from us, women, to be back in shape and in our jobs as promptly as possible… with the smile, please.
However, and unlike the urban legends that are fed to young unexperienced mothers, the real challenge is not the pregnancy, nor giving birth. 
The real aftermath, ladies and gentlemen, is once THEY are here !
Especially when they arrive in number. 
Woman, daughter, wife, friend, employee, mother… The story of a feminine odyssey from womanhood to motherhood, forth and back again
The journey of a free, multifaceted, dynamic and full of potential young woman… Who suddenly and brutally becomes a mother, then a housewife as a consequence of a family’s expatriation. 
How she lost herself and self esteem trying to live by society’s standards and to meet its expectations. 
And how she finally found her way back, reinventing and reconstructing herself. 
An unconventional, humorous, both light and moving approach, profoundly intimate and feminist… A story relevant to our present time. 
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Job offers 

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