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In the Frame of the Travel & Tourism group, we would like to discuss/debate the “Insurance, responsibility, liability” matter for TOUR OPERATORS.

Why this topic?

In South Africa, no qualifications, no licence, no rules or specific regulations exist or are required when launching a Tour Operator or in general term a business in the tourism industry.

The Private and Public Liability is the responsibility of each of us, leaving some operators or suppliers functioning with poor cover leading to illegal competition in a few cases,  fraud, breaches of contracts, bankruptcy…

We also saw that Insurance are not covering the legal cost of experts or advisors which in most cases are absolutely fundamental.   

These lack of rules and regulations can be a threat to our own business.  It also can become an asset.  By understanding the exact risk, responsibility, compensation, for the operation of our companies, we will make sure that the risks are limited at the lowest, for our clients, our companies and ultimately for ourselves.

The compensation fund, the liability issues and other issues that could affect us should be clearly debated, explained and understood.

The subject is vast, but deserves all our attention.

We would like thus, to organise, in the second part of February 2013 a Forum, were your questions will be raised to a panel of specialists, that could assist us to clear-up our interrogations.

Please share your interrogations and your topics here. I will outsource and liaise with the relevant experts in the industry in order for this Forum to be the most productive for all of us.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Sebastien, 

could you please also repost this under the Tourism Group? (go to Tourism group and post comment) - > this will ensure all Tourism group members are notified as well

Dear Fellow ATTA member,


As the official insurance advisor to ATTA I wish to use this opportunity to write to al ATTA members highlighting a few very topical points which we are being approached regularly to advise and comment on.


Many of the Africa based ATTA members are long standing clients of ours, for those members that are not familiar with SATIB Insurance Brokers, I would like to use the opportunity to provide some quick company highlights:


  1. SATIB Insurance Brokers (SATIB) have been market leaders in tourism, hospitality and wildlife sectors for the past 23 years.
  2. Due to the fact we have specialized in this sector, we have built up unrivalled experience and understanding of the industry and the various “operators” in this sector including accommodation, tour operators, tour brokers, adventure companies, overland operators, tour guides, aviation operators etc.
  3. We look after the insurance requirements of in excess of 2,500 companies in this sector.
  4. We have 11 branch offices throughout Southern Africa and correspondent offices throughout the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa therefore can deal with an enquiry for insurance cover from anywhere in this region (Sub-Saharan Africa).
  5. Our insurance carrier is Lloyds of London providing AAA rated security and an insurance carrier with an acute understanding of the nature of the risks they are underwriting, the latter largely as a result of our very proactive education process undertaken over 23 years to educate the underwriters.


In terms of the points I have alluded to in my opening statements being subjects we have seen an increase in enquiries on, I would like to comment as follows:


1.         Correct business interruption insurance – following a recent devastating fire at an island resort hotel in Mozambique (non-SATIB client and non-ATTA member), we have been inundated with questions relating to business interruption (BI) insurance.  This unfortunate incident has highlighted the acute need to ensure your BI insurance is correctly structured, has adequate period of indemnity and carries certain vital extensions to allow you / your insurer to commence immediately with refunding of confirmed bookings / guests at the hotel at the time.  My team will gladly assist you with questions you may have, audit your current policy and if so required, provide you with correct cover quote.

Please email us at and one of my technical staff will be in touch.


2.         Security of insurance carrier – again a question we get asked repeatedly and initially we have had to work with over the years.  The challenge is that in many countries in Africa we find a highly regulated insurance environment with “most” local insurers not rated by internationally recognized rating agents (an insurance company is rated on its claims paying ability and awarded either an A, B, C etc with allows a level of peace of mind).  Due to these highly regulated environments, companies in these countries requiring insurance are compelled to make use of the local players.  SATIB has over the years developed solutions to overcome the challenges which are in keeping with the law of the land.

Please email us at and one of my technical staff will be in touch to assist you.


3.         General public liability insurance – European Community Directive on Travel Trade Compliant – a vital component for service providers on the ground in South Africa is that correct public liability insurance is taken out, this is to provide peace of mind to the European Union based agents or suppliers that when sending guests on packaged holiday deals to Africa that should a claim or incident occur whilst those guests are holidaying in Africa that the operator or accommodation provider has adequate insurance that is up to EU standards and that any award made will be taken care of by this insurance protection.  Effectively what this directive states is that the original seller of the package i.e European based travel agent can be held legally liable for the wrong going or actions of the ultimate service provider on the ground in Africa or anywhere else in the world where this may occur.  It is vital that European Community Directive Compliant Public Liability insurance is taken out which we offer underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Please email us at and one of my technical staff will be in touch to assist you.


4.         Critical Incident Management – this service is vital as it is a service that deals with an incident in and during the “golden hours”, these hours being the immediate time span that follows an incident or accident involving deaths.  Dependant on how the incident is managed, it can have a very positive outcome for the provider and/or the other providers down the chain i.e the original booking agents, tour brokers and finally the actual accommodation or service provider on the ground in Africa.  Certain of your risks are insurable however risks such as business reputation are not therefore it is vital that you have access to an experienced and capable service provider in this regard that can take over the management of that incident immediately after the incident occurs removing the liability to you and your company as well as protecting your reputation with a good outcome.  SATIB via its sister company Critical Incident Management Services (CIMS) are able to offer this very valuable service, CIMS have built up vast experience over the past 4 years and have handled in excess of 5,000 cases, currently handling around 150 cases a week as the demand for their services and skills have increased.  Should you wish for us to engage with you further in terms of pricing and scope of cover and services provided please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address:

Please email us at and one of my technical staff will be in touch to assist you.


5.         Healthcare insurance – due to SATIB’s extensive client base outside of the borders of South Africa, healthcare insurance is a vital component and requirement for many of our clients.  Again over the 23 years we have filtered out healthcare insurance providers that work and those that do not and in addition ironed out the areas of the service offerings that do not work.  The core feature of the healthcare insurance that we offer is that our team within CIMS have direct control and are involved in the authorization of hospital for both emergency and elective surgeries, involving the overseeing of claims for out of hospital expenses that need t be refunded etc.  Therefore you are not dealing with a call centre halfway around the globe but dealing with us here in South Africa to provide a better and more effective service.  The healthcare provider that we utilize offers a product tailor-made for Africa and African conditions, it is priced to be able to ensure the lower entry employees right up to senior management and/or owners of the property.  The company is UK based therefore is fully compliant with all of the capitalization requirements that carries an A rating in terms of its claims paying ability.  Should you wish us to formulate a quote for consideration, please do not hesitate to contact us on


My dedicated team here at our head office in South Africa remain on standby to assist with any queries or insurance requirements that you may have, please do not hesitate to email us on or phone if in South Africa on 0861 72842 48 or if calling from outside of South Africa +27 31 562 1880 or my personal mobile number is +27 83 4638452.


Kind Regards


Gavin Courtenay

Managing Director

T 0861 SATIB 4U (0861 72842 48) | C +27 (0)83 463 8452 | F 086 656 5639 



Thank you all for a very interesting evening. I look forward to the next one.

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