Young Entrepreneur Of the Year 2016 - Let's vote!

Let's vote for the best project 2016!

A little reminder of the prizes at stake: 

1st prize: 1 year membership of co-working space at Workshop 17 
Value: R42 000 & the opportunity to present the project in front of the Cap40 assemblee

2nd prize: 6 months membership at co-working space at Spin Street House value: R20 000 

3rd prize: privatization of The French Touch
Value: R10 000

Here are the projects in competition, choose wisely and vote!

Doza - Baptiste Boittiaux
French customers are savvy for African-inspired products and craftsmanship. Through DOZA, we want to bring a curated selection of beautiful creations from South Africa directly to them. To do so, DOZA.CO uses a crowdsourcing model and is in line with collaborative economics. Through DOZA, we wanted to create new consumption habits and a new way to purchase goods on the Internet. 
Far Ventures - Romain Diaz

Our mission

We aim at fostering tech entrepreneurship in South Africa by building an environment to

enable the birth and growth of start-ups that can positively impact people’s lives.

What we do

Far Ventures is a Start-up Incubator & Accelerator based in Cape Town.

Incubation: by bringing all elements together to build a start-up from scratch, we

incubated 2 start-ups: FinChatBot, an artificial intelligence software tailored for the

financial industry, and JumpIn Rides, a ride sharing platform.

Acceleration: by providing support services such as software development, office space

and mentoring, we currently accelerate 1 start-up: Stokvella Yethu, a mobile platform

bringing transparency to community savings schemes.

Our ventures

FinChatBot is an automated conversational agent enriched with machine learning tailored for the financial and insurance industry

JumpIn Rides is the coolest ride sharing platform in South Africa, connecting drivers with empty spaces with passengers looking for lifts

Stokvella Yethu is a mobile solution available on all devices that promotes transparency and security in traditional community savings.

Our team

Our international team combines the dynamism stemming from our youth, the acumen

stemming from our experience building many start-ups, and the ambition stemming from

our drive to bring a positive change to our world.

FinChatBot - Jean Ronin 

Founded in June 2016, FinChatBot is a South African Start-up developing chatbots to disrupt the financial industry. Our potential clients range from banks, debt counselling institutions along with insurance and credit providers.  But what is a chatbot? A chatbot is a conversational agent powered by rules and Artificial Intelligence that users interact with via a chat interface. It’s an exciting innovation offer an infinite spectrum of possibilities!

Ikhaya Mossy - Aminata Ndiaye 

Ikhaya Mossy is a social enterprise born in Cape Town , South Africa. The fruit of a meeting between a French lady called Aminata NDIAYE, and South African artists; Ikhaya finds its origin in the Xhosa (South African tongue) and Mossy in the munukutuba (Congolese tongue) and means the Unique House.

Visit her website!

Jump In - Cyprien Marcos

Jump In Rides is a fast growing start-up part of Far Ventures (, a start-up incubator and accelerator based in Cape Town. As a result of a long-term consulting study sizing a huge opportunity in the South African transport eco-system, we launched an online carpool and ride share service in July 2016. First and foremost, our studies brought out several points among which a striking lack in the offer regarding middle-todistance trips in South Africa. Besides, the geographical and urban repartition in South Africa as well as local infrastructures showed maturity and efficiency towards automotive transport. Then, our reflexion was based on the observation that on the one hand most of the drivers have spare seats and on the other hand, many people struggle finding a way to travel cheap.

LAST MILE for BoP - Arnaud Blanchet

Last Mile for BoP is a social business based in Cape Town and focused on improving the distribution of affordable and quality products and services in underserved townships and rural areas in South Africa.Our mobile application enables informal grocery store owners (spaza shops) to compare bulk prices at wholesalers and order all their stock price directly from their phone.We partner with independent local owner-drivers to deliver their order from the wholesale stores to their doorstep within a few hours.

Whatch the project presentation

Visit his website!

Le Coquin - Antoine Robert
LeCoquin is a unique Dairy Free company working from coconut milk and french cooking method designed to help people eat much better without changing their habits. We have created a coconut milk based yoghurt  that do not contain naturaly any lactose, added chemicals or anything related to animals. The way we make is a summary of the places I had the chance to experience and inspiration of family recipes from the 1920s. We can now all share food no matter what our dietary requirements are .

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Mermonts Consulting - Peter Moens

Africa offers a world of opportunities in a wide range of countries, with different legal systems, and a multitude of languages and ways of doing business, which may appear challenging to deal with at first.Our aim is to bridge this gap by supporting international clients in regards of their operations in Africa. In parallel, we also help South African companies increase their African footprints.We are a one-stop consulting firm in the fields of legal, regulatory and tax analysis, with a special focus on multi-jurisdictional projects or cross-border transactions. We offer fast and reliable service for your business in English, French, German, Spanish or Afrikaans.

Visit their website!

Morgane & the queen - Morgane Fieschi

After launching her first jewellery brand in Paris, Morgane began exploring new and different horizons in South Africa.  
Under the name Morgane&TheQueen,  she enjoys combining her European culture with the raw, geometric design and distinctly unique African art forms.Using traditional jewellery techniques, she handcrafts silver jewellery from her studio situated in Woodstock.


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Tutorfy - Nathier Abrahams

Tutorfy is a curated online marketplace that connects students in primary school, high school and university with vetted and trained home tutors in their area.

Visit his website!

Yethu - Tuskan Owen-Thomas

Yethu is an innovative ground-up solution that aims to tackle problems experienced by the 11 million South Africans involved in stokvels. Stokvels have been created out of necessity because the majority of south Africans are excluded from the traditional banking system. Stokvels are completely based on trust and this creates loopholes for fraud and theft. Yethu aims to give stokvel members the security, transparency and accountability that have not previously existed as well as giving the leader a management tool that allows them to be more accurate, gain more interest and increase their trust in their stokvel.

Check their website!



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