W Project in South Africa

South Africa is a booming economic country. Since Nelson Mandela's election in 1994, this country has evolved to play a decisive part in Africa's economy. With its very diversified economy and a stable economy, South Africa is today the gateway to the African continent.

Still, some structural issues remain, as education and youth unemployment. And French businesses and entrepreneurship try to provide concrete solutions thanks to a knowledge transfer, trainings and job creations.

This is even more true for the digital economy which is booming in Cape Town thanks to the population's interest for digital technology and to the local actors' dynamism. Very advanced in the mobile technology area, every "online" innovation is directly integrated by the population.

We believe that this city has a really big potential as a "French Tech Hub"! We just have to be careful to the positive discrimination, which doesn't make the work permit visa easy to get.

Interviewees of the video:

  • Guillaume Ortscheit, Founder of “SIM Dynamics”, which has revolutionized access to the Internet via mobile thanks to the USSD "intelligent" channel. (Interview 05/03)
  • Sébastien Lacour, Founder of “Powertime”, deals with local energy issues and enables the population to buy electricity online and via mobile. (Interview 09/03)
  • Christophe Viarnaud, Founder of “Methys Lab”, influent incubator of Cape Town. He also manages the Cap40 online platform,  which aims at strengthening relationships between South African and French business. (Interview 09/03)
  • Stéphan Kacedan, Founder of “African Eagle”, the biggest french success story in South Africa. He settled at the beginning of the 1990's and experienced the Modern History of South Africa. (Interview 11/03)
  • Max Guedy, Founder of “MyOws”, a modern intellectual property platform that can find any artwork on the Web. (Interview 11/03)
  • Jérôme Touze, Founder of “WAYN”, mobile application for travelers. With its more than 23 millions users, he has rid the entire world! (Meeting 18/03)


  • Xavier De Gorguette D'Argoeuves, the French Consul of Cape Town. (Interview 10/03)
  • Serge Boscher, Chef of the Regional Economic Service in Southern Africa. He is very implicated in the French Tech Hubs project for Cape Town as well. (Meeting 25/03)

More about "W Project" : http://www.wproject.fr/

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