Projet de Club Ville Durable Afrique du Sud

Dear French companies,


The French Department of Economic Affairs in South Africa, collaboratively with the members of the French Economic Team (FSACCI, Business France, AFD, CCEF, Embassy), proposes to put in place a new initiative, the Club Sustainable City South Africa, and wishes to test your interest in such a project.

The principle of this Club would be to allow French companies based in South Africa (or interested in South Africa from France) in the area of Sustainable City (water, waste, energy, smart city, planning, mobility, green construction) to meet, exchange, share ... and above all to give the French know-how/expertise in this field a better visibility to the public and private actors of South Africa, by putting in place various actions to make their skills known.


This Club would be built on the Vivapolis brand developed jointly by the Ministry of Ecology and the Ministry of Economy.


The members of the club would be the companies, who would drive the club. All the members of the French Economic Team would support the projects decided by the companies.


So, in order to evaluate the opportunity of the creation of this Club, we would like to submit a few questions (no definitive commitment is asked here, it is only for us to evaluate your interest for this project):

• Would you be a member of this Club?

• Would you get involved in the Club by taking responsibility, especially at the board?

• Would you get involved in the Club by attending a Sustainable City conference?

• Would you get involved in the Club by participating in a French Sustainable City Corner on a forum like African Utility Week for example?

• Would you get involved in the Club by making available to the Club your know-how for the realization of a demonstrator / example of a sustainable French city project (green building, eco-neighborhood ...)?


Do not hesitate to send us your remarks, suggestions or questions.


Best regards,

Jean-Baptiste Dabezies  |  Conseiller sectoriel / Economic Counsellor |  

Club Ville Durable

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