How well are you listening to your employees is one of the key questions you should be asking yourself, especially if you want them to show up and perform at their best every day. At VETTA Communication we believe the trick to leveraging the collective intelligence of a high-performing workforce is to truly listen deeply to them and up-skill them with training best suited to their roles within your organisation.

Having engaged employees is one of the best ways to ensure consistent performance from your team and one of the easiest ways to have engaged workers is to listen to them.

A workplace that respects and encourages different ways of thinking, is a place where new ideas can help a company grow. Each person in your organisation has something special to offer and once they are heard and understood, their best performance will shine through.

Here are 4 strategies to open up a conversation with your employees.

1. Open up a Conversation

Let your people know their voice matters. By showing them their opinions count, you will ensure their contribution, unique knowledge and skills will go a long way to solving workplace issues. One of the in-house training opportunities that VETTA Communication offers, is to encourage team building exercises where everyone in the company gets to participate.

2.           Understand differences and harness strengths.

One of the main benefits of diversity is the ability to make full use of key differences that each individual brings to the team. Lionel Bourgeois, Director of VETTA Communication has a special way of drawing out the best in those he trains. With a wide range of training opportunities and workshops, companies will find delegates learn and grow through participation.

3.           Encourage constructive conflict.

When people feel free to share their ideas and opinions, there is bound to be a difference of opinion. This level of constructive conflict can encourage the emergence of new ideas and innovation. It’s important to create a safe space for participants to freely share their thoughts and feel heard and understood. With our training at VETTA Communication we value different ideas and find they can enhance productivity within a company.

4.           Ask for criticism

A great way to ensure diversity of thought and a good way to keep leaders in the workplace grounded, is to ask for honest feedback. There is no such thing as criticism, only feedback. Asking questions, like “what have I missed?” or “what parts of this don’t make sense?” are great ways to ensure employers practically leverage the collective intelligence and experience of employees.

Creating a workplace with diverse thinking will generate a positive and powerful culture of engaged employees, and can unlock your company’s collective intelligence in the process.

New workshop being launched in 2019: ‘Employee Engagement’.

We offer extraordinary training nationally for fast-paced proactive organisations, and we deliver to the highest standards. Give us a call and let us harness your employees' power to perform.

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