French Creative Designer looking for a new south african challenge of 3 months

Dear team of Cap40,

I had a professional opportunity in Cape Town for 4 months this year and I would like to come back for a new and ambitious one : why not in your company ?

Being a french graphic designer of 23 years old, I'm open-minded with a curiosity which continually pushes me to be original. My dynamism as well as my good spirit make me a driving force for group projects. I have multiple skills for each project : I know how to brand the identity of a entreprise, how to design the User interface and study the User Experience of a web & mobile app, how to design & dev front-end a website and also create beautiful motion video.

Having already worked in startup industry in Paris (at eGreen, Mevia and Drivy) and recently in Cape Town (Last Mile for BoP), I learnt everyday in differents work environements with differents teams. These experiences taught me how to make decisions and how to deal with responsibilities. But today I understand it's not enough for me : I'm looking for a bigger professional challenge, a 3 months paid internship in the startup world (or in the social/environmental sector) inside The Mother City.

Feel free to contact me for questions or help, I'm joining you my cv. You can also find me on Linkedin and check my work on my website.

Thanks for your time


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