DOZA is your next crowdsourcing platform for south-african arts & crafts. By taking part in temporary pre-ordering campaigns, you'll be able to support local artisans' & designers' work.

To achieve that goal, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Ulule (leading European platform). The objective is simple : raising funds to develop & integrate the future platform.

DOZA encourages south-african handicrafts and provides with exclusive and high-quality products - nowhere else to be found. We commit to a responsible fashion, which enhances creativity, quality, environment and human beings. A clean, safe and beautiful fashion; as it should always be.

 Be a part of the adventure by pre-ordering the first DOZA products, exclusively on Ulule. We carefully selected 6 responsible south-african designers, and showcase their fine crafted work. We have bucket hats, headbands, sleeves, sweaters, wallets ... everything being delivered before summer!

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