Cap40 Business Awards Gala - Young Entrepreneur 2016

This award will honor the women or men under 35 who create the products, services and jobs that help our economy and communities grow!


Still to be revealed...


1– Send us your project detail (all the info below in "how to apply" section), your project will be advertized on Facebook. 

2– The Cap40 Community will vote for the best entrepreneurs

3- We will let you know the nominees before the gala

4– A prize will be given to each nominees and the first will be allowed to promote his project in front of the prestigious Cap40  business assemble!



October,19th: starting of entry registration

November, 26th: End of entry registration

November, 30th: Publication of results and identity of the three nominees

December, 2nd: Finale at Radisson Blu Hotel




First thing first: buy your ticket for the Cap40 Gala

Careful: application will be refused without booking


1– Send us a nice photo of you/your team

2– Send us a striking presentation of your project (video/photo/storytelling/…) that will be posted on Facebook.

(tip: video is the best option)

3– Send us a one page description of your business 

Email address:


=> All these informations will be posted on Facebook as a global presentation of your project




  • The business needs to have operations in the Western Cape.
  • The business should not be able to raise funds easily from

traditional banks or funding agencies because of the risks involved and early stage of the project.

  • The business should be at the idea or pre-revenue stage.
  • You must have a prototype to present

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