Call for sponsoring a young French-South African Olympic dream

Marion PAPKA : 2016 South African Champion in Figure Skating 

Marion is a 12 year old girl who has done figure skating since she was 5 years old.

Her goal is to participate in the Olympic games.

Marion is French, but has lived in South Africa since she was 2 years of age.

Her aims: 

- Participate in two international competitions for which she has already been selected to represent South Africa: The 10th Santa Claus Cup, 6 - 11 Dec 2016, Budapest Hungary The 2016 NRW trophy S&P, 30 Nov - 4 Dec 2016, Dortmund Germany.

- Improve her skating skills with her sister while participating to the 2016 INTERNATIONAL MASTER CLASS Edition: “Figure Skating Meets Ice Dancing” in ANDORRA from the 1st of August to the 13th of August 2016

Please find attached resource prepared by her family : Marion_Papka.PNG and videos: Sk8ting Sisters

You can contribue online as well on backabuddy!

Methys has decided to allocate a ZAR 15,000 funding to sponsor Marion Papka, which we sincerely hope will help them to fulfill this dream! We count on your support as well!!


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