Business student available for an internship as from January 2017

Sir, Madam,
My name is Benoit, from Rennes ( France). I am 24, and currently in my first year of my Master of Arts in Business Management, and I am looking for an internship as from January 2017 for a minimum period of four months.
As part of my master’s course, we examine business management, call upon many disciplines such as management, entrepreneurship, human ressources and law.
We are trained to become managers, consultants and project operator.
I will be glad to work for your company and provide intellectual services by helping you to make plans, develop your strategies and carry out business operations profitably.
In summary of my long post, I am looking for an internship in Cape Town from January 2017 to June 2017 or more, and I can work in the following fields:
- Business Development
- Consulting
- Management
- Marketing
I really hope that you will welcome me for an internship or have some contacts or any ideas to suggest me.
Kind regards,

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