Application for a Job Position in Cape Town - Business Manager

Good Morning,

My name is Marie Caroline and I am from Paris. After studying (Business Negotiation and Customer Relationships)  and working (Sandwitch course / Apprenticeship) in the commercial area in Paris for almost four years and travelling in the meantime back and forth to Southern Africa as part of volonteering works for agricultural development (Lesotho, Malawi, Mozmabique) I am finally willing to settle down in Cape Town from mid- November 2016.

I have worked for 2 years in apprenticeship in a communication agency in Paris as an Adversting Manager; selling advertising spaces for guide books and magazines. In 2015, I enriched my professional experience working in a start-up that designs and sells innovative energy savings solutions in Europe, being in charge of increasing the turnover of the small company by setting up the business strategy and create a new clients portofolio as well as new business opportunities on this niche market.

I am dynamic and flexible, able to work alone and in team and motivated  by new challenges.

In summary, I am looking for a full time position starting in November in various fields such as:

- Renewable energies

- Tourism and travels

- Partnership developement

- Social business and entrepreneurship

- Community development 

Hoping my profile catches your attention, I am open to any suggestion or advise and I invite you to consult in attached my CV in English and in French.

Looking forward for feedbacks, I wish you a very good day in the mother city and I am at your disposal for any further information.

Best regards

Marie Caroline  



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