First impressions count and as the first point of human contact with any company, your receptionist needs to present a welcoming and professional image. A receptionist’s warm greeting can speak volumes about how your organisation treats customers.

Successfully running a front desk calls for much more, and the role of a receptionist demands an impressive line-up of skills, both hard and soft.

  1. Understand the roles and functions of the front desk

At VETTA Communication we train receptionists to clearly understand their functions at the front desk ; this includes a deeper understanding of managing both the hardware and software of phone systems and other electronic equipment. Word processing skills are an absolute must and a receptionist will be asked to work on a range of software programmes.

  1. A brilliant communicator

All receptionists understand that at the heart of their jobs is an ability to have brilliant communication skills. Together with providing accurate information about your business to customers, receptionist skills need to manage tricky calls, deal with difficult customers and send clear messages to the appropriate recipient either verbally, in writing or via email.

When your receptionists engage in our workshops, we pay particular attention to how they can learn to use positive speech and body language to help customers feel at ease.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

It’s vital for any receptionist to ask relevant questions so they can quickly and efficiently manage any queries. This requires patience, a level head and some great listening skills, all of which are taught when you engage in VETTA Communication workshops.

  1. Fast Thinking

The front desk can often be an isolated place and a great receptionist often needs to work independently. What this means is having the ability to think fast and come up with innovative solutions to different challenges, while reassuring customers, clients and co-workers that they are in the hands of a professional.

  1. Time management & multi-tasking

Throughout each working day, receptionists juggle a multitude of tasks, from managing the demands of screening calls, making appointment and relaying messages. This calls for a high level of multi-tasking abilities and means operating with grace and patience under pressure.

  1. Brilliant organisational skills

Look around your workplace, and in all probability the front desk is the neatest work are in your office. This is essential because visitors want to see a space that is neat and tidy. This conveys efficiency and professionalism.

In order for this to happen, a good receptionist needs to be a genius organiser with a system in place to find contact details or files at a moment’s notice, and still keep a super tidy desk area.

  1. Outstanding Interpersonal skills

Great receptionists are required to not only deal with customers, but they also are required to maintain brilliant relationships with every employee, including senior management and executives.

During our training sessions we teach your receptionists to develop a range of interpersonal skills across interactions with all people in your company.

With over 19 years in the training industry, VETTA Communication remains at the forefront of skills training and our brilliant feedback attests to this fact.

This is the response we received from a recent participant in our training:

It was indeed a pleasure attending your workshop, and life changing to say the least. I came in expecting just to have a simple workshop, (maybe a bit boring as well), but instead I experienced something mind blowing.

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