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Parisiens, tenez bon!

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Re-drawing the regional map of France, as proposed by the President.

News just came off the presses of François Hollande's proposal for reforming the organization of France into new metropolitan regions. Where these total twenty-two at present, his proposal, which is to come up for debate  in parliament is for reducing their number to fourteen.

The regions which will continue unchanged are Brittany, the Loire region, Aquitaine, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, Corsica, Ile-de-France and…


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Twenty-year anniversary of a remarkable Anglo-French achievement

Twenty years ago on May 6, 1994, Queen Elizabeth and French president François Mitterand jointly inaugurated the Channel Tunnel, which links Britain to the European continent.

At  that ceremony Her Majesty described Eurotunnel's achievement as a happy marriage of “French élan and British pragmatism”.

This link between France and England, which the American Society of Civil Engineers dubbed one of the seven wonders of the modern world…


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Anniversary of a modern world wonder in Southern France

Today 14th December,  marks the anniversary of a unique bridge in the South of France. Exactly nine years ago to the day, President Jacques Chirac inaugurated the splendid Millau Viaduct.

Spanning with its 2460 metres'  length the river Tarn  valley near Millau in Southern France, this cable-stayed road-bridge presents the onlooker a breathtaking view by its setting and bold…


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A Farewell to South Africa's Cincinnatus


 May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields and

Until we…


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France a trailblazer in the innovative generation of power.

With the year almost at an end one might look back and reflect on any milestones that have been crossed.

One milestone that we all surely would have preferred to miss, was the detection of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere which topped 400 parts per million at a key observing station in Hawaii for the first time since measurement began there in…


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Le brocoli, nouvelle arme contre les effets de la radioactivité?

Les résultats d'une étude publiée le 14 octobre dans les 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' (PNAS) par une équipe de savants,  suggèrent qu'un régime riche en légumes crucifères (chou, brocoli, chou de Bruxelles, etc.)  pourrait conférer une protection contre les effets mortels d'une forte radioactivité.

Pour plus de détails, veuillez consulter…


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Comment démarrer dans les ventes en ligne

Une bonne nouvelle est qu'il vous deviens à present de plus en plus facile de concevoir et de créer un site sur la toile, qui vous permettra d'utiliser le "cybercommerce" pour augmenter vos ventes.  Une petite entreprise peut en effet atteindre á travers l'Internet autant de gens qu’une grande entreprise avec un site de commerce électronique procurant une porte ouverte sur le monde, 24 heures sur 24.

Pour plus de détails, veuillez consulter…


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