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Press review: South-African economic news from the 2nd to the 13th of June.

Here is a short summary of the major economic news of the past two weeks in South Africa.

The Cap40 team will now regularly publish news from the French consulate in Pretoria in order to give you fresh insights from the French community on the most important economic matters in the country and region.


South Africa and Swaziland’s rail companies announced they would release a study on the feasibility and sustainability of the construction of a railway…


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Re-drawing the regional map of France, as proposed by the President.

News just came off the presses of François Hollande's proposal for reforming the organization of France into new metropolitan regions. Where these total twenty-two at present, his proposal, which is to come up for debate  in parliament is for reducing their number to fourteen.

The regions which will continue unchanged are Brittany, the Loire region, Aquitaine, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, Corsica, Ile-de-France and…


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French projects participating to Cape Town World Design Capital

Cape Town World Design Capital celebrates the transformation of a city that was previously divided by the social engineering of apartheid and that is reinventing itself through design. This was the original vision of the bidding team who decided to run for the title in 2011 and was awarded by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). Besides its original aim, Cape Town design capital also represents the pride of the first city in Africa…


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Recherche stage Marketing/Vente


Actuellement étudiante en école de commerce à Belfort (90) à l'ESTA ( ), je recherche un stage de Marketing/Vente pour 5 mois de Septembre 2014 à Janvier 2015. Je souhaiterais beaucoup pouvoir effectuer ce stage en Afrique du sud et tout spécialement à Cape Town.

J'effectue ma deuxième année dans cette école qui forme en 5 ans à une double compétence technique et commerciale.

Je ne recherche pas de…


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Twenty-year anniversary of a remarkable Anglo-French achievement

Twenty years ago on May 6, 1994, Queen Elizabeth and French president François Mitterand jointly inaugurated the Channel Tunnel, which links Britain to the European continent.

At  that ceremony Her Majesty described Eurotunnel's achievement as a happy marriage of “French élan and British pragmatism”.

This link between France and England, which the American Society of Civil Engineers dubbed one of the seven wonders of the modern world…


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New Start for South Africa

2014 will be a transition year for South Africa. 20 year after the fall of Apartheid, the country has become the first economic partner of France in Sub-Saharan Africa. Reciprocally, France is only the 3rd European partner and 9th global partner of South Africa. Some French entrepreneurs based in Cape Town and Johannesburg share their optimistic views on the increasing business opportunities between France and South Africa.…


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What's the future outlooks for the automotive industry in South Africa?

Since the crisis of 2008, the automotive industry has been under a tremendous price pressure in a context of low volume. If we add to this the challenges of a volatile Rand which converts into high inflation, and repetitive social conflicts, this make the situation of being an automotive supplier in South Africa a tough one. Here are some learning from a past…


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The Top 8 Businesses and Individuals Building a Dynamic French business Landscape in the Western Cape

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Cap40, the association organised a series of Business Awards that acknowledge outstanding businesses and individuals who participate at creating a dynamic and successful French-South African Business landscape in the Western Cape.  The purpose of these awards was to give more visibility to business links and joint private initiatives between France and South Africa in the Western Cape. A jury of 8 Cap40 founders nominated a number of…


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Anniversary of a modern world wonder in Southern France

Today 14th December,  marks the anniversary of a unique bridge in the South of France. Exactly nine years ago to the day, President Jacques Chirac inaugurated the splendid Millau Viaduct.

Spanning with its 2460 metres'  length the river Tarn  valley near Millau in Southern France, this cable-stayed road-bridge presents the onlooker a breathtaking view by its setting and bold…


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A Farewell to South Africa's Cincinnatus


 May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields and

Until we…


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Nominees to the Cap40 Business Award

Vote for the Cap40 Business Awards will open today. 3 Awards will be granted by vote among a selection of nominees that were identified by a jury of Cap40 members. Click here to vote.


This award recognizes the extraordinary personal and professional achievement and contribution to the…


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Get a R50 000 Development Subsidy with the Methys Labs Innovation Challenge

Are you an entrepreneur or a young start-up with a crazy project? Are you looking for a technical funding to take the plunge? The Methys innovation challenge will provide…

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France a trailblazer in the innovative generation of power.

With the year almost at an end one might look back and reflect on any milestones that have been crossed.

One milestone that we all surely would have preferred to miss, was the detection of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere which topped 400 parts per million at a key observing station in Hawaii for the first time since measurement began there in…


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Le brocoli, nouvelle arme contre les effets de la radioactivité?

Les résultats d'une étude publiée le 14 octobre dans les 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' (PNAS) par une équipe de savants,  suggèrent qu'un régime riche en légumes crucifères (chou, brocoli, chou de Bruxelles, etc.)  pourrait conférer une protection contre les effets mortels d'une forte radioactivité.

Pour plus de détails, veuillez consulter…


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Tender for Port Equipment manufacturer

If your company specifically design and manufacture port equipments, you might be interested in the below tender:

Transnet Port Terminal is procuring two Grab ship Unloaders major port equipment for the Port of Richards Bay. The last day for collection of tender document is Wednesday, 25th September…


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Minister Alan Winde's answers to the Cape Town French Business Community

Wednesday at the Bandwidth Barn, the Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Alan Winde, was addressing the questions and concerns of French Entrepreneurs and French professionals operating in the Western Cape. 

The recent survey of the French Consulate, showed that most French…


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Member's stories: Business Permit with an Agency (FR)

Arnaud Blanchet shared with the Cap40 his long walk to create a start-up in South Africa including the creation of the company and the business permit procedure. He did this procedure with the assistance of an agency (IBN) and finally received his business permit after 5 months. You will find below his original story (in French):

"Je me suis installé à Cape Town pour y créer Last Mile for BoP, une entreprise sociale spécialisée dans le conseil et la distribution de produits et…


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Infographics: French Business Landscape in the Western Cape

Following the survey released by the French Consulate of Cape Town (available here - in French), the Cap40 made the following infographics to illustrate the business landscape that has emerged from the French entrepreneurs and the French subsidiaries in the Western Cape. We hope that it will be the beginning of a better understanding of the impact and profile of the…


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How Customer Service Will Change The World

During our July Cap40 Business Wednesday, Paul Galatis, partner at Yuppichef, gave us a great insight on how companies should run their customer service. 

Created in 2006, Yuppiechef defines itself as “a customer service business that happens to sell kitchen tools.” 7 years after its creation, the company has a catalogue of 6,000 products, a team of 60 people and was elected best e-commerce company in South Africa in 2010 and 2011.

The Market…


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Tax Optimization

Good Day Expats :)


I have joined this group in order to assist Expats in South Africa/Africa In General.


We are better than an "umbrella company" (we are Contract Management) that specializes in:


*  Contract Management Services

*  Payroll (Tax Optimization)

*  Visa Applications


Our rates and are fully transparent and extremely competitive.  If you would like a solution that fits your needs and saves you money you…


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