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The Art of Great Business Writing Starts with You

In today’s fast-paced business world we are continually faced with writing emails, reports and preparing presentations. Good writing skills are valuable and taking time to improve yours could pay significant dividends throughout your career.

Many of us are not born writers. At VETTA Communication we understand this and we can make your life easier with our Business Writing training workshops. We provide a hands-on…


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8 Golden Rules of Customer Service

When it comes to ensuring you retain customers, there are some golden rules that can make all the difference to the success of your company. At VETTA Communication we offer customer service training your team can immediately apply to their jobs and create a positive impact on creating customer loyalty and attracting new customers.…


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First impressions count and as the first point of human contact with any company, your receptionist needs to present a welcoming and professional image. A receptionist’s warm greeting can speak volumes about how your organisation treats customers.

Successfully running a front desk calls for much more, and the role of a receptionist demands an impressive line-up of skills, both hard and soft.…


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Donnez-vous vraiment à vos chefs d’équipe les moyens de devenir des leaders?

Vos cadres et chefs de département réalisent chaque jour de véritables prouesses. Non seulement jouent-ils un role vital dans la satisfaction des exigences de la direction, mais ils doivent également répondre aux demandes des clients et de leurs collègues.


A VETTA Communication notre équipe de…


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Have I understood you correctly?

How many times have we heard someone speaking but not really listened to them deeply in an attempt to first understand what they are saying and the meaning behind their words? Too many times we are thinking about what to say next and in this process we are no longer listening to understand, but simply to respond to our own thoughts.

Here are some helpful ideas to help you think about listening differently. The first of these I call reflective listening.…


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One of the key functions in any organisation is the role of office administrators and those who work in reception. These people sit at the coal-face of your company. They are key to meeting the ever increasing demands of your business.

It is for this reason that correct training is provided to help your staff fulfill their roles efficiently and professionally. VETTA Communication, a company whose passion for igniting…


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We take care of your employees with our optimal training solutions.

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I often like to quote a saying from Confucius, a famous Chinese teacher and philosopher once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

This sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Yet so many people find themselves working in jobs they hate. Going through the drudgery of every day and living lives of quiet desperation. They are in those jobs not because they love them, but because someone has to put bread on the table, right?…


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How well are you listening to your employees is one of the key questions you should be asking yourself, especially if you want them to show up and perform at their best every day. At VETTA Communication we believe the trick to leveraging the collective intelligence of a high-performing workforce is to truly listen deeply to them and …


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How well do your Staff Really Know your Customers?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it’s time to ask the hard questions. One of them being, how well do your employees understand your customers and are they delivering brilliant service across the entire organisational spectrum?

For your staff to truly ‘get’ your customers, they will need to be attentive to your customers’ demands and requests at all times. The potential rewards are great. You will increase customer loyalty and bring in new business through positive…


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Do you belong to the 1% of the population who sees life differently?

She comes to work 5 days a week and lives in the bustling metropolis of Gauteng. In the interests of confidentiality, I’ll call her Zinzi. Her routine is pretty much the same each day. Work until 5 pm, rush home, watch some TV, drink a glass of wine over dinner and fall into a dreamless sleep. When Lionel first met Zinzi for a personal coaching session, he was astonished at how vibrant this 23-year old was. She possesses an inimitable spark, despite her numbing routine. All it took was a…


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Re-Imaging & Re-creating your Management Team

Where do you go to when you want a training intervention to stimulate and ignite your management team to really communicate? VETTA Communication, of course.

VETTA Communication is more than just another training company. We’re a dynamic business that service the specific training and…


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Matric Farewell Dresses For Your Very First Debut

For South African ladies, matric farewell is approaching, here just relax, cause Vividress has prepared you tons of selections. Welcome to preview some ombre and floral matric dresses below, …


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In Stock Hi Lo Bridesmaid Dresses In Over 30 Colours

For welcoming the new peak time of wedding season, welcome to have a look our new style of bridesmaids dresses below,…


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Cocktail And Evening Dresses South Africa Trends

Good morning,

People have been asking me why you do not offer short cocktail dresses? Well, yes, we have that in evening dresses collection, check them by searching cocktail tho.

Here are some samples,…


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Wedding Dresses Design Of 2019

Time: May 5, 2018 all day

Location: Cape Town

Street: Church

Event Type: formal, party

Organized By: Margje Platje

Vividress has been leading the wedding fashion in Cape Town for several years, in 5th, May, we would like to invite wedding photographers and dress designers to…


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Project of buy out a company in Cape Town Area

Good day

Thanks for looking at my blog.

I hope that you are keeping well.

My name is Julien FOURIOT - I am French and have been living in South Africa for 7 Years.

I have just bought out a hiring equipment company called stuff rental and sales based in Woodstock.

What do we do : we supply table, chairs, couches, side table, coffee table, counters, lamp, table for large events and for exhibitions...

A catalogue and a new website is being…


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Looking for an Internship

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,


My name is Simon and I'm a French student at INSEEC Business School Paris. I’m currently in a Master Degree in Finance and studying the main functions of Audit, Management, & Accounting.


I have to complete an internship of 4 months starting around the 1st Mai. South of Africa is my first destination on my list because I always wanted discover this country, her culture and her landscapes.


During the year 2017, I did two…


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Matric Farewell Season Hot In Cape Town

You may concern about the following matric farewell season, no idea where to find a nice gown for this very important event? Now here in Cape Town, there is a shop offering decent formal wear with low cost.

Keep smiling, girls!

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French Desk info #1 : South African tax residents working in foreign countries

Elzahne Henn, Director of Tax Consulting at #MazarsCapeTown explains the repeal of foreign employment exemption available to South African tax residents working in foreign countries in this month’s …


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