- Cape Town: Business Developper Intern - Affilyo

-About us: Affilyo is an online marketing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. As part of a start-up accelerator and incubator you will be working in a thriving young environment. The company was launched 2 years ago and keeps growing today. Online marketing is in constant growth in South Africa and there are many opportunities. 

Our core business relies nowadays in database acquisition and monetization.

-About the job: We are currently looking for a 6 months Business Developer. This internship will allow you a lot of responsibilities given that you will have access to all the aspects of the business: revenue management, marketing, SEO, database management.

As business developer you will have to:

- Keep up to date with different affiliate marketing platforms

- Implement marketing campaigns.

- Create, customize and update reports.

- Work on excel/ppt/photoshop/html/social medias.

- Try out SEO strategies on different websites.

- Manage our database on a daily basis.

- Have access to all the company figures and be independent on spending.

-About you:We are looking for a high profile student ideally in gap year for 6 months.

The intern must:

-          Be highly independent and motivated as he will have to take daily decisions on his own

-          Be creative and autonomous

-          Have notions of digital marketing

-          Be at ease working in a start-up environment

-          Be confident and fluent in English

-          Not be afraid of learning new technical skills by yourself

-          Know that one cannot achieve anything great by working 9 to 5

-          Be bullshit-allergic

-          Not take yourself seriously and believe that work should be fun

-          Be good at pooling and surfing

-          Want to live a thrilling experience in an ideal location

To apply, send you cover letter and CV to: <nicolas@affilyo.com> and cc: htrifiss@methys.com

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