Searching for 2 months (January/February 2017) internship in Art/Illustration/animation

Sir, Madam

My name is Elise, from France (Lyon), i'm 21 years old and this year is my last year of study and i'm looking for an internship for 2 months in January and February 2017. That too short for studio and buisness but my school only gives us 2 months so I Hope it can be OK. 
This internship is for my Illustrator Diploma so i'm searching in Illustration, Animation, Video Game, ... . 
I learned a lot of techniques : pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint and also in infography with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

I would like to go in South Africa / Cape Town because i like travelling and discovering new things. I'm interested in this country and want to learn how it works and the different with France. I also want to improve my english and have many link over the world for my futur work. 

I really hope that you will welcome me for an internship or have some contacts or any ideas to suggest me. 
Please also find attached my CV and motivation letter
Kind regards, 


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