Looking for a VIE contract in Marketing, Communication and Business Development

Joining a company by doing a VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise) and being part of a project in South Africa as Marketing, Communication and Business Development Assistant is a mission I would love to do. Working for a company in South African is an incredible opportunity  to still be involved in african economy. I am interested to continue working in the digital sector. I’m used to work with datas and focused on “the change management” to write my thesis last year.

I am familiar with doing marketing KPIs analysis to maximise the ROI. In previous job functions, for instance in SOLOCAL group, I was responsible for data management, community management, event organizations, direct marketing, market researches, analysis on new trends and commercial statistics. Being a graduate professional with an international marketing master’s degree, I obtained knowledge in this particular field which I continuously developed. I would therefore like to apply my expertise to a VIE position in Cape Town.

I have worked for two companies as Communication and Marketing Assistant in the digital sector, and for an advertising agency for three years in France. I developed knowledge in website optimisation thanks to Google Analytics and I’m able to animate social networks. I did online and offline communication as Communication Assistant in one of my last position. Moreover, I’ve attended some events to showcase my company and organized events and conferences for around one hundred people. For 5 months at the beginning of 2017, I was working as a Marketing Consultant in a local start-up in Cape Town. I contributed to the public and private sector by providing sustainable solutions for the clients. I have the ability to easily adapt myself in a new cultural environment and I am fluent in English.

Furthermore, I am a quick learner, a curious, a creative, an ambitious person and motivated by goal achievements. I’m able to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines and I can bounce back from unexpected situations to find solutions. I am able to multi-task and lead transversal projects. My past experience proves I’m autonomous. I have a good work ethic and a lot of energy, I spent the last three years working and studying at the same time combining training while working. I am a good communicator; my relational abilities have always helped me to integrate a work team. I am organized, which is why I am able to plan on a long term perceptive.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume in english and french, which provide more details regarding my qualifications for a VIE position. 

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You can find there my resumes in english and french. 


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