Hi there,

I’m looking for a Senior Travel Consultant in Cape Town to work in the Conciergerie Department of the Amaris group. Under the responsibility of the Head of Conciergerie Department and closely with the Amaris Travel Agency, you will be in charge of managing Conciergerie requests of Amaris Group’s employees.

Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Brief new Conciergerie requests
  • Identify the best, most efficient and cost effective propositions
  • Book the services in accordance with the proposal selected by the client
  • Manage all changes and cancelations
  • Insure a correct and effective invoicing for each request while matching the deadlines
  • Follow-up the requests and communicate efficiently with all the clients in order to deliver the best service quality
  • Be guarantor of the positive image and level of service delivered by the group’s Conciergerie department 
  • Bring new ideas and propositions to improve the whole process and services proposed 
  • Insure a high and irreproachable level of quality

According to your involvement and skills, you will be able to:

  • Manage supplier sourcing, negotiation and relationships
  • Take part of the improvement of the Conciergerie online application
  • Take part of the department’s quality monitoring

Discover a bit more about Amaris: www.amaris.com

Interested? Send me your application to meggs@amaris.com


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